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Lu Laoshi inclines towards exam preparation. Our lessons are high in energy and intensity. We conduct simulated Mock Oral, Mock Exam under exam conditions to prepare students for combat. We target Normal Chinese for PSLE T-score aggregate. Higher Chinese is covered in Holiday Courses.
Main Paper Class:We cover 5A/B, 6A/B syllabus and Main Paper training.Training exam techniques, mental stamina, ciritcal thinking skills stretching Right Brain. Instead of  conventional 'Tuition' where 'Tutors' explain and read out unfamiliar areas, we impart survival techniques to students. Here, students are taught to decipher, analyse, interprete, make decisions. Pri 5 targeted at scoring full mark for MCQ. Pri 6 intensive Open-Ended Compre training from May to PSLE.
Oral Compo Class: Students internalise Compo Phrases, Oral phrases during lesson and are tested on rotation. Pri 5 students are guided on Compo before writing, given time to memorize, and write within 50mins with no help oth…

2018 March Holidays for Comprehension Training

Dear Parents,
For March Holidays this year, we are conducting an Open Ended Comprehension Training for ‘他是怎样的人’ . Training is targeted at exam scoring. Course contents are not included in our regular lessons due to schedule constraints. Course is open to public, accommodates mixed levels. This course will only repeat in 2019.

There are 2 lessons for the training spread over 4 hours! In 4hrs, students learn:
Constraints to this question scope ‘他是怎样的人’ Tackling Techniques when model answer is unavailableTeaching of 80+ vocabulary and their applicationIn-class absorption and application of vocabulary and technique
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Registration by first-come-first serve basis. We only have 24 places this year among 30+ current students and public entries.Complete registration and Full payment by 4 March 2018 Sunday.Confirmation of commencement latest by 7 March 2018 Wednesd…

22 Dec '17 Vacancy & Rates

Vacancies available: Monday P5 Main Paper 3-5.30pm: 1
Wednesday P6 Main Paper 3-5.30pm: 2
Wednesday P6 Oral Compo 5-7.30pm: 4
Friday P6 Oral Compo 3-5.30pm: 2
Friday P6 Main Paper 5-7.30pm: 2
Saturday P5 Main Paper 2-4.30pm: 1
Saturday P5 Oral Compo 4-6.30pm: 2
Sunday AM P6 Oral Compo 9-11.30am: 1
Sunday AM P6 Main Paper 11-1.30pm: 2

All other classes are fully enrolled. You may register to be put on the waitlist by placing a $30 Placement Fee for each course/ queue. After a month of wait, you may give up the queue and request for $30 cash refund or continue the wait. Once class commence, $30 will be consumed as non-refundable, non deductible Registration & Admin Fee.

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I conduct all classes personally. I do not engage native teachers. Small group private lessons, max 5 in a class. Singaporean Local (not PRC) female MOE trained Ex-MOE Primary School Teacher, PSLE examiner and marker. For more info, pls visit official thr…

2017 PSLE Graduates Results

MyLuLaoshi team would like to congratulate all students who have graduated from MyLuLaoshi PSLE Chinese Specialist Courses! Over 90% of our students got A/A* for Normal Chinese!

Everyone has worked hard for PSLE, and we trust that our tuition services have helped our students in one way or another! We wish our students to get into the secondary school of their choice! All the best for your future endeavors!

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PSLE Chinese and Higher Chinese Exam Formats

Dear Parents, do you know how the examination components for PSLE Chinese and Higher Chinese is like?

We extracted some information from Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) for your info!

For full information, please visit SEAB website:

2018 Fee Schedule

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to announce the fees for 2018 remains unchanged. If you have been with us for 2017 and are following up to 2018, follow up rates apply!

We also offer sibling rates too! Come on board with us today!

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2018 Schedule is out!

Dear Parents,

Schedule for 2018 classes are out! Please find the schedule attached here!

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Warmest regards,
Lu Laoshi